Ranger Rider Black and Gray

Horse Rider - black and ghostly

Ranger rider black and gray

Here I run I run away

I won’t do a thing you say

I don’t feel like dyin’ t’day

Gonna catch a bird n’ fly away

Tomorrow forever still today

I will fight you I don’t play

Sittin’ in a tree t’ blow you ‘way

Took my love but you go’n pay

People’ll whisper people’ll say

Dat da day Death died

Horse Rider - black and ghostly2

Tears of a madman made you cry

Jury was a bullet with your name inside

Hammers nail shovels open wide

Ground’ll keep you cold inside

Coffin’s cramped but you gon’ find

Worms are warm when they worm inside

Creatures come and take a ride

This ol’ boy gonna be your bride

Shot my baby shot my pride

Here you ran you ran away

Ranger Rider black and gray

Coffin - old and buried

written by Abel Prudhomme, 4/6/16



2 thoughts on “Ranger Rider Black and Gray

    1. Grave digger blue, eh? Is that something you wrote? If so please tell me where I can find it and read it. Sounds great! 🙂

      Actually, the Grave digger in “Hamlet Resurrected” plays a very significant part in that epic tale. Check it out!

      Keep reading! Keep writing!

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