War, Undeclared

Bus - mens jeans
Look around you everywhere… and stare
There they are. There… there!
You are surrounded!
Soldiers, warriors, mighty men
Fallen in wars they did not win;
Married in love that loves no more;
Leaders great leaders of no great war;
Fighting nothing, bored… bored.
Bored - man multiplied in classroom
Bones. Dense. Break no brick…
Strength of arms, muscles thick;
Legs that could tear down walls!
Power that swells but is contained:
Explained, sustained, restrained.
Nuclear fission in a bottle,
Politically corrected in muttered mottos,
Equality, neutrality: throttle… Throttled!
Throttled - woman nagging man
A prisoner of war smiling in his cell.
Incapable. Recalls not the day he fell.
Born, bred, enslaved!
Come away from that window. You must never see
What it means to be a man that’s free.
Stay in touch with your feminine side;
Manage your anger; stay inside;
Abide, reside, hide… hide.
Cell - window watch
Your world is controlled. Each little scene filmed.
Your every thought our every whim.
Your life is all mapped out.
OH! Excuse the demonic laughing spell..
You see, we knew you might rebel
So we sucked out your soul. (OH! Still funny to tell!)
You fool! Its in your hand. Smartphone? Cell!!
Lol! We’ll give it back… The day you wake in Hell!
Cell in Hell
Written by Abel Prudhomme, 4/7/16



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