An Autumn Jingle


Farewell to September, and time in the pool;
The summer has ended; my son is in school.
The birds in the north, the bears in the cave,
The people in darkness, the daylight saved.
Vacations vacated, conclusions conclude,
Reports are reported, reviews are reviewed.
The workers are working, the bosses are bossed,
The job hunters hunting, the lost wages lost.
And is there no color in all of this scheme;
Through the clouds that now gather, not one sunny beam?
Is not the wind stronger, is not the snow bright;
Cannot we sleep greater through longer stretched nights?
Count not the years; no, no, my friend,
Count the quarter in thirds and the riddle will end;
Through the mystery of months, through the holidays see
Through the end of the twelve is now these three.
Oh first, poor October, defiled and befooled,
Craftily crafted and craftily ruled
By ghouls in the open who love to be seen
On the day of the Devil, horrible Halloween.
Yet still November still Hell cannot harm;
Still enjoying two words that thy joy prolong;
Untainted two days, twice brought twice bringing
To God and man, thanks and giving!
Now, hark as the shepherds and angels still sing!
Behold, how the Lamb is the Lion is King
Of salvation from sin! Oh, our Savior is here
Come trust in Him now and live new every year!
By Abel Prudhomme, written 9/29/16

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