To my prayer partners from William Bramwell…

“Where this element is too largely missing in Christians and gospel ministers, Bramwell believed, the cause was commonly twofold. First*, the day is not planned that private prayer takes first place. ‘Go to bed earlier’; ‘Spend less time talking to others – never be too long even in the best company’, were his common counsels to fellow preachers. Sometimes he spent unusual lengths of time in prayer  (‘What is so beneficial as a whole night spent in prayer?’), but it is the regular daily times of devotion, he insisted, that are essential.”

(Ian H. Murray, Wesley and Men Who Followed Him, pg. 133, The Banner of Truth Trust, Pennsylvania, 2003)


** The “element” referred to above, was a famouse quote from Bramwell, given as the proceeding paragraph to the above, as follows. 

“The more familiar acquaintance we have with God the more do we partake of him. He that passes by the fire may have some gleams of heat, but he that stands by it has his colour changed. It is not possible that a man should have any long conference with God and be no whit affected. If we are strangers to God it is no wonder that our faces become earthy.”

**I will give his second reason in another post, at another time.


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