Top 5: Resolutions for Christians in 2017 (with links to the best apps & sites)

I. Spirit

  1. Receive… the Word of God: memorize 25 new Bible passages.
  2. Perceive… the Word of God: research 6 new subjects in the Bible.
  3. Believe… the Word of God: pray through for at least 3 big requests.
  4. Achieve… the Work of God: add a 4th timer monthly by doing this weekly:
  • Retrieve… the lost: 21 invites = 14 ph. #s = 3 guests = one 2nd – 5th timer = great joy!
  • Relieve…   the church: alternate spending a night outside of church with…
      • the saints: in a small intimate prayer meeting for revival; and
      • the new people: include them in your family night every other week.
  1. Perceive… the Blessings of God: learn 24 hymns & list all 2016 blessings.


II. Soul

  1. Strategize… set aside one-hour-a-week to plan next week.
  2. Express… write 12 new poems this year.
  3. Cultivate… a correct attitude.
  4. Enjoy… a few simple things.
  1. Learn… how to read faces.


III. Mind

  1. Plan…     your goals.
  2. Organize… your documents.
  3. Chronicle… your life (at least 25 times this year).
  4. Improve… your vocabulary, grammar and other skills.
  5. Read… at least 25 books this year.
  • 15 life stories (biographies & autobiographies)
  • 5 doctrinal works (prayer, Bible, evangelism, preaching, etc.)
  • 5 works directly related to revival.
  1. Increase your brain power: IQ, EQ, and taming the monkey.


IV. Body

  1. Live… use the S Health, Google Fit or FitBit to walk 10,000 steps a day.
  2. Drink… use the Water Drink Reminder & evaluate progress monthly.
  3. Eat… use the 30 Days Diet Plan Builder & evaluate progress monthly.
  4. Work… use the Jefit Workout Tracker & evaluate progress monthly.
  • Weights… at least 2-times-a-week
  • Cardio… at least 3-times-a-week
  • Stretching… at least 5-times-a-week
  1. Master… a martial arts kata and create a kata from Ephesians 6:10-20.


V. Others – care for the members & visitors in your church and…

  1. Spouse… work on your marriage and help fulfill one of his/her dreams.
  2. Children… go to a theme park (Sea World or etc.) at least once this year.
  3. Parents… call them 36 times & visit them for at least 1 whole week.
  4. Relatives… write to at least 24 cousins, nieces or nephews via Messenger.
  • Siblings… write each one a sentimental handwritten letter with the Gospel in it.
  • Maternal… write the same type of letter to each aunt & uncle + first cousins & kids.
  • Paternal…  write the same type of letter to each aunt & uncle + first cousins & kids.
  1. Volunteer… at a rescue mission like the Salvation Army Harbor Lights.





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